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One on One Personal Training

What is One on One PT?

One on One training is the probably the most traditional style of personal training.  In these sessions you get our undivided attention where we will guide you through your journey into living a healthier lifestyle.  Please enter your information below so we can help you get you on track.

Your first strategy session is just a click away.  We look forward to meeting you.

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Who is it perfect for?

  • You’ve never worked out before
  • You prefer 1-to-1 interaction with a coach
  • You need help with form
  • You’re interested in technique focus with advanced lifts
  • Your schedule is limited and changes often

60 minute, 45 minute, and 30 minute sessions

Let’s Do Something Epic!

You’re unique. Your workouts should be too. Fill out this form to set up your FREE One on One Personal Training Session with Joel and his team at Apex Personal Training.

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