Personalized Group Training

What is Personalized Group Training?

Personalized group training is unique to Apex Personal Training. Years ago we saw the benefit to doing group training but didn’t like the boot camp model, or large group style that we saw being used by other trainers. From there we developed Personalized Group Training.

Every person in every group has a workout specifically designed for them based on what their goals are, and physical abilities. Our motto is “No two people are the same so why should their workouts be.”  Whether you’re a high school athlete, looking to lose weight, get stronger, or a grandparent who is scared of a boot camp class. You have nothing to fear. You too can be a part of an affordable effective program that is designed just for you every time. Click below to set up your strategy session so you can experience the future of group training.


Lets Get Started

Who is it perfect for?

  • You’re a beginner to advanced athlete
  • You enjoy the social aspects of training with others
  • You’re looking for a budget-friendly personalized training experience
  • You can commit to the training times offered
  • You’re interested in accountability to reach your fitness goal

Weekly Schedule

Personalized Group Training and Large Group Weekly Class Schedule (1 hour session classes):

Personalized Group Training

  • Mondays: 8 am & 7 pm
  • Tuesday: 4:30 pm & 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 8 am & 7 pm
  • Thursday: 4:30 pm & 5:30 pm
  • Friday: 8 am
  • Saturday: 7:45 am & 10 am

Large Group Training

  • Mondays: 6 am & 6 pm 
  • Tuesday: 6 am
  • Wednesday:  6 pm
  • Thursday: 6 am
  • Friday: 6 am
  • Saturday: 9 am

Let’s Do Something Epic!

You’re unique. Your workouts should be too. Fill out this form to set up your FREE One on One Personal Training Session with Joel and his team at Apex Personal Training.