Lx Medical

Lx Medical offers exceptional, personalized, urgent care/concierge medicine to the convenience of your home.

Urgent Care Membership

$49/ month
  • In-home urgent care only (Does not include primary care services/wellness labs)
  • Half-off travel fee ($50 instead of $100)
  • 10% off all urgent care related visits
  • $25 TeleMedicine visits
  • Access to team during normal hours 8am – 6pm
  • Access to communication technology for easy access to our team
  • Can access LX Medical Board of Advisors for additional fee

Platinum Membership

$100/ month
  • $75 / additional family member
  • Includes Urgent Care, overlap with primary care services/wellness labs/medical advice and advocates
  • No travel fees for in home visits
  • 10% off all procedures
  • FREE TeleMedicine
  • After hours access
  • Access to communication technology, texting and advice
  • At cost vaccinations (including influenza)
  • Free access to LX Medical Board of Advisors as needed

The Executive Membership

$200/ month
  • Price is per adult. $75/month per child.
  • Includes everything in the Platinum Membership
  • Priority access
  • Free annual influenza vaccination
  • A free annual Executive Physical (see website for details)