What is India Fit?

Imagine walking into a facility signing up for a membership and being able to say… no, thank you to the personal training appointment. My goal is to be able to help anyone regardless of their fitness level have success in the gym. And be their guide from the beginning to where ever they want to go with health and workouts.

The workouts and videos are set up to be simple and effective. The workouts are designed so anyone can do them and can be scaled to any fitness level. As you will notice the workouts will build over time, and consist of exercises that anyone can do. Yes, there will be repetitive movements. I believe that we can’t master something doing it one time. I believe that movement needs to be performed over and over to get it right. From there once movement is mastered we tweak it by adding weight, repetitions, and variation.

Unfortunately, I’ve watched many people fail because of their first experiences with gym staff like the one described. I will no longer sit by and watch this happen. This program will continue to evolve as you do. As you get stronger, leaner, faster, and get closer to your goals, we will continue to deliver workout programs to meet your needs.


Why Was India Fit Online Created?

Imagine walking into a gym and not knowing anything. You’re told to meet with a trainer on staff, it even comes with the membership. They tell you that they will show you where you are at physically and make recommendations from there. Next thing you know you’re being dragged up and down the gym in your very first session. After you’re gasping and panting for air, they sit you down and present to enroll in their program. You’re unsure… so you want to think about it. They then tell you that you won’t be successful unless you work with them. They use affirmative “Yes” questions to get you to agree. From there they go get their manager, using an old used cars sales technique. The manager sits down and tries to make you feel comfortable even though at this point you’re starting to cramp up and feel nauseous.

I know… all you want to do is leave. But they keep going, so you finally say yes to a price that they have chopped down that’s almost nothing what it originally looked like. You leave reluctant that you even said yes. Two days later if you can walk you come back to do your measurements and strength testing. The person you were supposed to do that with doesn’t show or can’t take you at that time. You’re then passed off to someone else, and they are upset that they have to deal with you. They then proceed to do a half-ass job and then send you to the front to schedule your first session. You can’t get in until the following week. You come the following week to find that that trainer you had an appointment with quit or didn’t show up. You get upset and decide this isn’t worth it. So you go to the front desk to talk to the manager and they proceed to tell you-you can’t cancel because you signed a contract that binds you to your training. From there you are so upset you don’t even want to come back at all, so you don’t.

This is why I have created India fit online.No longer do you have to put up with these kinds of practices from big box gyms.

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