Those people who look like they work out for a living—know how they got that way? Two words: consistency and hustle. They have hardwired working out into their weekly routine and they don’t mess around. Going to the gym is non-negotiable and they kill their workouts. Every. Single. Time.

There is no need to wait another minute to put your fitness goals first (or at least, not last) on your list. Here are a few tips to give it all you’ve got.

Plan for A-Z

On your way to the gym, know exactly what you’re going to do—and have a back-up if plan A is unavailable. And a back-up for your back-up. You’ve already committed to going, you might as well do something awesome while you’re there.

Amp Up

Never underestimate the power of a caffeine buzz and a powerful playlist. The coffee will punch up your energy and the music will keep you on pace and make you feel like a champ.

Get Turned Off

Use your phone for music and that’s it. While we’re all for a good workout selfie as a personal motivational tool, turn off the distractions of texts, emails, and social media. The rest of the world can wait for you to finish your sweat sesh.   

Warm Up Your Body

Going into a workout cold is kind of dangerous. Your muscles need to know what’s up before you put them to work. Take some time to move through a series of dynamic stretches (rather than holding one stretch at a time) to get your heart rate up and prime your body to perform at optimal levels.

Pump Iron

Weights aren’t just for bodybuilders. And women, don’t worry about lifting weights making you bulky; it takes a ton of intensive training to get ripped. Strength training with weights gives you strong muscles, improves bone density, and keeps your metabolism motor running long after you’ve left the gym. And adding free weights to bodyweight exercises, like lunges or squats, is a super-efficient way to challenge your muscles.

Be a Thinker

This might sound kind of weird, but when you think about the muscles you are targeting during your workout, you actually get a better result. So, dig deep into that lunge and think about how strong your glutes and quads are.

Track Your Moves

Jotting down your gym activity each time not only allows you to challenge yourself by upping your game, but it also makes you feel great to look back and see your progress.

Have Fun

You’ll never stick to your workout if you don’t enjoy it. Find a work out you look forward to and you’ve won half the battle.


After all, you’re putting your body through, it’s going to need some downtime. Aim for a good night’s sleep and allow yourself a recovery day every week. And by recovery day, we don’t mean phoning it in with an all-day Netflix marathon, either. Go for a nice leisurely walk or try a yoga class.

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