If you are plateaued on your weight loss journey, it can be easy to become frustrated. Too many people get to a point where they are not losing weight and give up altogether. The truth is, there is a reason you are not losing weight. You just need to uncover it and get your metabolism moving it the right direction again. Here are ten common reasons that weight loss stops and how to get it moving again. 

1. Eating Too Much Sugar

The most common reason is the most obvious. Are you tracking EVERYTHING you consume? Start tracking every morsel and drop you consume and the sugar they contain – you may be taking in more sugar than you realize., 

2. Eating Too Much – Even Healthy Foods

When you start tracking what you are eating, you may find out that some of the “healthy” foods you have been consuming have more calories, carbs and fats than you previously believed. 

3. Eating Too Often

Small meals throughout the day can be good, as long as you do not overdo it. You may be eating more than you need. 

4. Not Drinking Enough Water

You need to keep hydrated and flush toxins from your body. Up your water intake. 

5. Not Eating Enough Protein

Make sure you are eating a balanced amount of protein to maintain and build muscle. 

6. Not Getting Enough Quality Sleep

Your body needs to recuperate to be efficient. Get the quality sleep you need to help improve your body and brain’s function. 

7. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol is made from sugars and must be burned immediately. If you are having too many cocktails, beers or glasses of wine, this can slow your weight loss to a standstill. 

8. You are Not Active Enough

How often are you going to the gym, walking or doing some activity? You may need to move more to begin losing weight. 

9. You are Taking in More Calories Than You Burn

Plain and simple – the long and short of weight loss is you must be in a calorie deficit. You must eat fewer calories than you burn to use fat for energy. 

10. You Need to Train More Often with Apex Personal Training!

If you are not losing weight and are unsure of what you are doing wrong, let us help. At Apex Personal Training, we have individual and group sessions that are personalized to meet your fitness goals. Let us help you get back on track and spur your metabolism to help you reach your goals.