There is never a bad time to start weight training. But we think there are better times than others; spring is definitely one of those good times — for so many reasons.

These are our favorite 5 benefits you will experience when you start weight training:

1. Amped-Up Metabolism

Everyone needs to get revved up now and then. Starting a weight training routine is an awesome way to let your body know you mean business. After a few sessions, you’ll feel it wake up, shake off the winter doldrums and boost your resting metabolic rate — oh, and burn more calories.

2. Improved Muscle Definition

This may seem like an obvious one, but we thought it was worth pointing out because muscles are awesome. They make you look and feel strong because you will actually be strong. Muscles also burn fat, improve your bone density, and build confidence. Yes, muscles give you moxie.

3. Elevated Intelligence

Any exercise is great for your gray matter, but some studies show strength training may offer a unique set of benefits to the brain, including improved capacity for practical and analytical skills. Weight training may also enhance your memory, slow the onset of dementia, and boost overall brain functioning.

4. Better Sleep

Very few of us get enough sleep. Even when we do hit the hay, it can be hard to fall — and stay — asleep. Did you know weight lifting can improve your sleep? Any exercises that help make you stronger will also help you fall asleep faster and wake up fewer times throughout the night.

5. Fast Results

Your muscles are dying to be snapped into shape. When you give them what they want — strength training — they will come through for you every time. And fast. You may start to see results in just a few weeks.

If you are ready to get started and spring into a weight training fitness routine, contact us at Apex Training. We offer personalized workouts created specifically to help you achieve your fitness goals.