In 2014, a big box fitness center was sued due to fraud with their personal training contracts. There was a court case involving a false signature and a woman paying a high price for training sessions she never signed up for and never used. This is just one case of many regarding fitness centers having issues with their personal training. People report being unable to cancel contracts, being forced to renew their gym memberships to use all of their training sessions, and even not having a trainer stay with the gym long enough to truly train anyone. The moral of these stories is to beware of those big box gym personal training contracts.


The truth is that good personal trainers are no longer utilizing contracts at all. While most trainers believe that physical fitness requires an ongoing effort, fitness is also a personal choice. Hiring a personal trainer is a very personal decision which is different for every client. Contracts lock people into something that they may not wish to continue due to personal issues, illness, or any other reason. A personal trainer would rather find clients that he will work with on a regular basis than take the money from someone they may never see again. Furthermore, working towards physical fitness can result in injury, no matter how careful you are. Therefore, a trainer may not be able to provide services for reasons of injuries or other personal issues. This trainer is not going to just pass you off to another person who does not know you, your goals, and your concerns. As opposed to annual contracts, many trainers will now offer packages for a specific number of sessions that can be used at the client’s leisure.


On the other end of the spectrum, there is the gym membership that includes a trainer. This is not a personal trainer contract as a standalone item. This is a contract that allows you to pay extra for a personal trainer as long as you are a member of the gym. There are several issues with these contracts. First, you may never see a trainer, as schedules may not be a good fit. Then, in order to use your sessions, you may need to rejoin the membership for another year, even if you had other intentions. You may also find that you are passed from trainer to trainer, as these are often temporary positions for trainers to build their resume before starting a private practice. Finally, cancelling these contracts can be more effort than they are worth. They are awfully costly to not use; however, they can be even more costly to attempt to cancel.

To make sure you are getting the biggest benefit from your personal training choice, it is best to work with a personal trainer that works for himself or in a boutique-style gym with a specific clientele and purpose. Apex Personal Training is this type of environment. You can get the most benefit from your training sessions without a big contractual obligation. Call them at (612) 405-3002 to get started on your personal fitness journey.