We’ve made it to March and spring is knocking on our door. New Year’s resolutions have been made and broken by millions of people. What about you? If you made the decision to get healthy in 2020, are you sticking to your goals?

The number one key to success is consistency. Making the decision to get fit is great, but, without consistency, the gym will soon become an afterthought. Here are some tips to stay consistent and to achieve your goals.

Find Your Motivation

What makes you want to get fit? Maybe it’s wanting to be healthier for your family, or maybe you’re sick and tired of feeling awful. Maybe you want to get into those jeans or get ready for a vacation. Whatever your motivation is, use it! Place a motivational picture where you can see it, tell your friends and family about your goals or hang those jeans where you can see them every day. Use these reminders as positive reinforcement to get out there and get active.

Work Up To It

Let’s face it, exercise is hard. If it’s been a while since you worked out, it can be intimidating. Don’t think you can run five miles if the only exercise you’re used to is walking to the mailbox. Set reasonable goals for fitness and work your plan. Most people give up because they set unreasonable goals for themselves. Don’t fall into this trap. 

Don’t Go It Alone

Find an exercise partner to go on this journey with you. Having someone to share workouts with will keep you motivated. Work with a trainer or join an exercise group. Find an online community of folks on the same fitness journey and share your experiences. Make your fitness part of your daily life, and find others who do the same.

Reward Yourself

Exercise should never feel like a punishment. To keep the motivation going, reward yourself along the way. The goal of any exercise or fitness program is to establish lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime. There is no end date to fitness. Set mini goals for yourself and reward yourself for each goal met. Make these rewards personal. If you like to go to the movies, give yourself a movie night for hitting your squats goal. Buy a new workout outfit or treat yourself to your favorite ice cream when you can lift heavier weight. 

Fitness can sometimes seem scary, but, if you follow a plan, you’ll soon see it’s the most fulfilling thing you can do for your body. Contact us to learn more about how Apex can help you achieve your fitness goals. Make 2020 the start of a new life!