You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t exercise your way out of a poor diet”, and it’s true. Nutrition is the foundation of health. What you put into your body is what fuels your fitness. The old calories-in, calories-out mentality just doesn’t work. The number of calories you consume takes a backseat to the type of calories you consume. But just like anything else, your body is unique and what works for you may not necessarily work for others. Here’s how to finetune your nutrition to give you the best results.

Learn What is Essential

Your body can’t produce everything you need to operate. Because of this, we have to depend on our diet to get the nutrients we need. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the six essential nutrients are vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, water, and carbohydrates. Without these nutrients, we can’t function. 

Nutrition Right for You

Proper nutrition varies between individuals and can be based on a myriad of factors. Gender, age, and genetic makeup are a few examples of how proper nutrition can vary. It is important to discover the right diet for you. Foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins are great places to start, but a visit to a nutritionist may reveal some holes in your nutrition plan that need to be repaired. One area that is universal for all is to stay away from empty calorie foods that provide no nutritional value, such as processed junk foods. It’s a good idea to visit your doctor for lab work to see if you are deficient in particular nutrients.

If you have poor nutrition you are more prone to illness, infection, fatigue, and low performance not only in exercise but in everyday activities. If you believe your nutrition could benefit from an overhaul, Apex Personal Training can help. Give us a call at (612) 405-3002 or visit us here to get in touch.


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