In the days of the original action heroes, way back in the 1980’s, the school of thought was that in order to be healthy and in good shape, you needed to spend hours, upon hours at the gym lifting weights and getting some cardio in as well. The thought was the longer you worked, the more you gain. It worked, but people felt that if they did any less than two to three hours in the gym, it was a waste of time. Over the past thirty-five years, life has changed. Technology allows people to accomplish more in 24 hours than ever before. Yet, that also means people cram more into their days and have less time for “me-time.” The good news is that science has changed as well. More and more studies have shown it is not about working longer, it is about working hard and efficiently.  Here are some great workouts that take mere minutes, but achieve maximum training benefits.


Circuit training gives you an opportunity to work every part of your body in a shorter period of time. It provides upper and lower body workouts while including cardio. You will know you worked your body and will feel amazing the next day. These types of workouts usually last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and can range in intensity, from moderate to extreme. Many facilities are opening that accommodate this type of exercise regimen, allowing you to work with a group of like-minded individuals, have fun, and see results.


Some people simply do not have the time to get to the gym or a workout facility. We over schedule ourselves and spend too much money on our scheduled lives to have anything left. As a result, the home exercise market has expanded. People looking to workout at home can conduct extreme challenges, like the P90X, or do yoga right in their living room. While it seems great in theory, the person may tend to lose motivation as they are not held accountable by other members of their exercise team or their trainer. Home workouts have their place in today’s society, but shouldn’t be the first choice. Busy individuals actually find they spend more wasted time with home workouts than they would if they joined a facility for scheduled classes.

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