It’s been a long year. Since Minnesota’s first COVID-19 case was confirmed in March, businesses and individuals have been facing down the virus as best they can. We have all done our part to combat this virus that has taken many lives, forced people into unemployment, and shuttered businesses. With the announcement of a vaccine, there is hope on the horizon. But how do we successfully fight the virus while maintaining a sense of normalcy?

Response to a Four Week Dial Back

 On November 24th, several fitness centers joined in response to Emergency Executive Order 20-99 issued on November 18th that calls for social activities, in-person dining, sports, and fitness establishments to be “dialed back.” This Order is in effect until December 18th but could be extended. Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcom, Minnesota Department of Economic Development Steve Grove, and Minnesota IT Services Commissioner Tarek Jones sent a letter to Governor Tom Walz. The respondents provide data to support the notion that keeping fitness centers open while following stringent CDC guidelines can “enhance immune systems and build mental health resiliency for Minnesotans struggling with this crisis.” The response cites empirical data that states that fitness centers do not contribute to the community spread of COVID-19. Requiring masks, practicing social distancing, and guaranteeing proper air ventilation all contribute to this statistic.

Fitness is Vital

Physical activity does so much more than work your muscles. Being active improves sleep, can help control weight, and protect against type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of regular exercise is reducing depression, which is elevated during the pandemic’s isolation.  While it is vital for government officials to take the virus seriously and put practical mitigation efforts in place, closing fitness centers could have the opposite effect. Fitness centers provide a critical service to this state’s citizens, and they must remain open to contribute to public health.

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