People are not only working harder when exercising, but they are also working smarter. The trend has started wherein the average fitness-minded individual conducts the necessary research or hires the most appropriate trainer to help him work for his own body type. With that knowledge, the workout becomes an intense regimen that runs as smoothly as any machine. However, this same individual, who has taken the time to build a regime specific to his body, may find the results a bit lacking, getting easily thrown off track. The solution is easier than you may expect: the individual is not staying hydrated and therefore his body is overcompensating.


Science has told us that water makes up about 60% of the human body. That means that the entire mass of your body, if healthy and hydrated, is more than half water. Therefore, it would be reasonable to assume that without this proper hydration, the body will begin to fail. When in the middle of a regimented fitness routine, the very last thing you want to occur is your body failing. Therefore, it is important to stay hydrated and understand how your moving parts are affected by water.

To begin, your muscles are being worked at levels they are not accustomed to when you exercise. Your entire purpose is to push your body to its boundaries and then slightly beyond. Therefore, they must stay hydrated to perform at their peak performance. Considering muscles are mostly water, if we push our muscles without supplying them with the one nutrient they require, they will fail to contract properly, causing reduced muscle tone at best and injury (sometimes unrecoverable) at worst.


Of course, making sure your body is working properly on a fitness level is likely the number one reason you should stay properly hydrated during your workout. However, there are other key benefits to keeping up with the water intake while exercising and throughout the day. First, if you are exercising to lose those last few pounds, increased water actually helps your body remove the waste, helping the weight fall off. Also, aside from helping your muscles reach their peak performance levels, the joints require water to continue to aid your body in movement. If you are exercising and a joint stops working properly, your range of movement becomes limited, which effectively erases your ability to exercise to your peak level of performance. Finally, since the goal is to get and stay healthy whenever you enter into a fitness program, proper hydration helps this occur by helping your sleep cycles and your digestive system. With the aid of water, your body will become the peak performance machine you have been working to achieve. However, if you do not feed your body the water it craves, through your workout and throughout the day, your body will begin to shut down, one system at a time. It may be gradual; however, you will notice the difference.

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