Just as there are differences in opinion regarding diets and healthy eating plans, there are differences relating to cardiovascular workouts versus weight training workouts. Some people swear by intense cardio workouts and maybe only lift weights once in a blue moon – if at all. Others will swear by the benefits of intense weight training and maybe only walk or run for ten minutes just to warm up. The truth lies somewhere in between. Nothing is good for you if it is done to an extreme, and balance is the key to health. However, what are the benefits of each, and how should you use them to help you reach your health goals?


Cardio workouts are also known as aerobic workouts. These workouts increase the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body, helping you burn calories and fat. If done properly, your body will not only move better, but also feel better. As your flow of blood and oxygen improves, your muscles will breathe, allowing for increased mobility. If combined with a proper diet, it is a great avenue to lose weight and stay fit. In addition, people who utilize cardiovascular workouts as part of their exercise routine will experience lower blood pressure, increased immunity, and increased stamina, to name just a few benefits. Cardiovascular activity even increases longevity.


Weight training also has numerous benefits for anyone using this method as part of a regular exercise routine. The most important factors with weight training is listening to your body to avoid injury and making sure you are well-trained before venturing out on your own. If done properly, weight training can increase mobility, increase bone density, and even increase your body’s ability to burn calories while resting. One obvious benefit is increasing strength, thereby making daily activities less strenuous on your muscles.


Simply by looking at the benefits of each type of exercise, it is easy to see that both are necessary for a well-rounded physical routine. Your body requires the flow of blood and oxygen to be at its optimal level to allow for less or no injuries during weight training. However, in order to allow for higher impact exercises, your body must have stronger bone density and increased strength. Combine both of these types of exercise routines with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, and you are likely going to notice not only a trim physique, but an overall better physicality.  In the end, neither a cardio or weight training workout is, by itself, the optimal routine for peak physical fitness; however, when combined, they can help make sure you will live a very long and fulfilled life.

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