Most people believe there are only three options for working out: classes with an instructor, hiring a personal trainer, or going at it alone. That’s not the case! What if you could work out in a group of people, your workout is personalized for you, and it’s based on your goals, designed by a personal trainer? This is called Personalized Group Training, and, it does exist at Apex Personal Training. Group Training can be a wonderful compromise for those who want the setting of a group, but the personalized feeling of a 1-on-1 session. Don’t like generalized exercise classes? Don’t know what you are doing at the gym. Read on to see how it works and the benefits you can have fromPersonalized Group Training.


Group Training is a unique and innovative way to work with a personal trainer while sharing the costs and benefits. Typically, in group training, a group of people are working out simultaneously doing the same exercises. It often visually looks like a boot camp. However, personalized group training is a group of people working out at the same time, but doing their own exercises at their own pace. It is not an instructor teaching, but more of shared time with a trainer who will divide his or her attention between you and the other members of your group equally. You may all have the warm up period, heavy workout period, and cool down period divided equally, but what you do during those periods is based on you individually rather than as a group.

Why It Works

As stated above, Personalized Group Training is a wonderful alternative to the normal practice of joining a gym. To begin, let’s compare Personalized Group Training to taking a Class. A Class is run by an instructor who walks into a room of as many people as can fit and maybe shows a couple of moves or routines, and then begins the class. Those who pick up the routines quickly or have done it before move in seamless motion and follow along. If the class is moving too fast, and you need a break, you’ll have to find your way back in when you are ready to resume. You are part of the herd, not an individual.

By contrast, Personalized Group Training is still personal and tailored to your goals. Whether it’s improving your endurance or achieving that personal record in your deadlift! You are taught specific exercises, from warm up to the workout designed specifically for you. You and your trainer work together to determine your fitness goals and a plan to reach them. You then work your routine at your pace as the trainer coaches the group through the session. You do not get lost or left behind.

In comparison to hiring an individualized personal trainer, you save money, and lots of it! You are dividing your costs for a personal trainer between 10 to 20 other individuals and therefore, saving money.

Finally, in comparison to going at it alone, there is a shared group mentality that is both motivational and fun when working in Personalized Group Training.  At Apex it’s a family environment where you are supported by other members of the group as you reach your goals. You and the other members of your group can help each other stay focused on the days you’d both rather be binge-watching Netflix with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in your hand. You can help each other have fun, enjoying friendly competitions, rejoice in each other’s successes, It’s an opportunity to connect on a personal level with people with similar mindsets of a healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about Personalized Group Training and how it may help you reach your fitness goals, contact Apex Personal Training.