There are two categories of people in the world of exercise: those who use a personal trainer and those who attempt to go it alone. Not using a personal trainer is not necessarily a bad way to work out. Some people prefer to learn the ropes as they go and do not feel they need, want, or can afford a personal trainer.  This is their right. However, working with a personal trainer is not as costly as you may believe, and the benefits far outweigh the negatives.


In school, we are taught that accountability is a motivator. Being accountable to someone else for a project, activity, or even finances, can help a person stay motivated to not only complete a job, but excel at the job at hand. This same theory applies to exercise. Being accountable to another person has the effect of making the client work harder and accomplish the goals they have set forth. The alternative is embarrassment that they will have to face someone else and tell them they did not meet their goals. A personal trainer provides this accountability adding to the motivation to exercise in accordance with the schedule created.


Once you are motivated, results are sure to follow. No one has ever worked with a personal trainer and left in worse health than when they started. As a matter of fact, working with a personal trainer will not only show you results, but will help you avoid injuries because you are under a close eye of someone who knows how the body works and what the body can truly handle. Typically, those who stray from this watchful eye are the ones who end up with severe workout related injuries.

Beyond staying out of harm’s way, working with a personal trainer is a surefire way to increase the results you see from your workouts. If you follow all of the advice and knowledge of your trainer, you will see that you are losing the weight you want, toning your body, and gaining energy as well as momentum. You may even notice that your overall health is benefitting, allowing you to skip the cold and flu season or at least only battle one cold, as opposed to 10. Because you are motivated and being held accountable, you are working hard to meet your goals, and likely exceeding even your own expectations.


Of course, a commitment to fitness must be at least slightly convenient. The benefit of working with a personal trainer at Apex Personal Training is, among other things, its location! Apex Personal Training is located conveniently in Saint Louis Park, which is only minutes from downtown and in the suburbs to allow for an easier commute an ample parking, if you choose not to run to the gym! To learn more about Apex Personal Training and begin your journey to a fitter and healthier you, contact us at 763-300-8046 to start your training.