How many people throw their fitness or health goals out the window each holiday season, vowing to start the New Year afresh? It does not matter what time of year it is, there are always excuses why you are not meeting your fitness goals. Here are some of the most common excuses for not getting in shape – do any of them sound familiar?


New Year resolutions rarely last. By the end of January, the excuses abound. It is too cold, too snowy. The roads are bad; it is just not safe driving to the gym in the morning. You are coming down with the latest cold or flu bug, or are trying not to get sick. It will be easier to stick with an exercise routine once the worst of winter is over. March 1st, you will get back on your plan with plenty of time to catch your stride before summer.


March, April and May: the perfect time to get in shape. Really? With summer just around the corner, you have the motivation, but do you have the time? The snow is thawing, and your gardens need planting. There are Easter, proms and graduations to plan. Once school is out and the weather is warmer, you will get back on track.


What were you thinking when you decided to start a new fitness plan in June? There is no time! You have vacation planned, and the kids are out of school. Every weekend there is a wedding, a class or family reunion, or a BBQ to attend. When fall gets here, everything will slow down. Then you can focus on getting back in shape.


Finally, summer is done, the kids are back in school, and you can focus on yourself. The weather is perfect for walking and jogging – not too hot, not too cold. September is ideal for starting a new workout plan, but October arrives with November right around the corner. Halloween candy is everywhere, and Thanksgiving and holiday parties are just around the bend. Why not wait until all this temptation is behind you? Yes! Start fresh with the New Year.

If you continue waiting for the right time to begin meeting your fitness goals, it will never happen. There will always be something going on in your life that you can use as an excuse. Stop procrastinating and begin your fitness journey with a call to Apex Personal Training. We design customized fitness programs for our clients, whether you want one-on-one or group sessions. Do not wait until the New Year to start improving your health. No more excuses, call us today!