Social media can be a very motivating place. It can also start you down a spiral to stress and depression. We intend to add only the most motivating statements and images we have to our Instagram account. You may have seen one of our latest posts that reads, “What we do here translates to other areas of life in almost every way.” What does that statement mean to you? We’d like to tell you what it means to us. 

Maybe your mind will initially lie to you!  

We are human. Our minds naturally latch on to the “fluff” of everyday life that can cause thoughts of doubt, insecurity, and anxiety. Our minds can even come up with fluff of its own and don’t need to see it in emails, on billboards, and even in regular communications on our phones. The first step to stop second-guessing yourself is to erase the fluff and all the BS that doesn’t need your attention. Once you decide that fluff can be kicked to the curb, other unnecessary BS can get kicked to the curb too. As we said, “What we do here translates to other areas of our lives in almost every way.”

Focus on the Real Goal

Once you hone your focus, and there’s no more fluff filling up your brain, you can start focusing on what’s really important to you. You may want to save up for a new car or a down payment on a car. Perhaps it’s important that you finish your higher education, so you can earn that promotion. But it’s also your goal to improve not only the look but also the feel and health of your body. Your real goals are right in front of you. When you take a step toward training your body, you’re also taking a step toward lining up every other goal you have in life.

Where You Are Right Now

The goal is to start where you are right now and take the first step toward getting to that point if that’s your goal. Don’t think you can’t train because you can’t come in for the first time and compete with those who have been training for years. You can’t reach that point if you don’t make a change today. Even if you can’t pick up 10 pounds the day you walk in, it’s the fact you made the choice to take that step that’s your first success. And it’s what we do here that translates into other areas of your life. Take this step and then take a step toward that promotion, that car or that house. 

At Apex Personal Training, it’s not about building bodies. We build people who are strong enough to take the steps necessary to improve every area of their lives, just as they are improving their muscle strength, BMIs and other areas of physical fitness. Are you ready to take the step that will lead to a new life in almost every way? Contact Apex today!