If you watch late night TV, you’ve seen a hundred ads for diets, pills and quick-fix work out equipment. “All it takes is three easy payments of $19.95 and in 4-6 weeks…blah blah blah.” If any of this were effective, there’d be a lot more people walking around looking fit and less people crushing it in the gym. This is the truth: To be strong and healthy in mind, body and spirit takes work, time and consistency. It requires a commitment on your part, but the rewards are there for the taking! Think about how long it took to get in the shape you’re in now? It will take some work and time to be transformed into your best self. 

How Bad Do You Want It?

Aren’t you tired of moving in the wrong direction? If you’ve been bothered by your weight or physical condition for the last few months (or years) think what you could have accomplished if you’d started your fitness plan back then. Better yet, what do you want to get done in the next few months?

Reality Check 

It only takes one step to about-face and go the opposite direction, toward good health. Take a look at your current habits and do an honest assessment. What can you change easily, right now, without spending a dime? Here are some ways to take that first step:  

  • Cut out sugar – Keep a journal. Write down every bite that goes into your mouth. You’ll likely be shocked by how much refined sugar you eat. Focus on cutting it from your diet altogether.
  • Track your eating – If you’re keeping a journal anyway, start thinking about the amount of food you eat, which is likely too much. Do you eat when you’re not hungry? At some point, you need to alter your intake with more water, less alcohol and more protein. Explore balancing your calories with your activities. Tracking will enable you to discover how much you can change right now.
  • Get to bed –  While you’re tracking food, you might as well track your sleep, too. Those 8 hours are the only time you body recuperates. Running on little sleep is hurting you. If you see how little rest you’re getting remedy that.
  • Ask more of your body  – Your body was made to move and has a huge capacity to adapt to activity and effort. It will become as strong as it needs to be, based on what you ask of it. Let go of that remote or computer mouse. Take your body out walking until you can tackle harder things.

Invest in Your Health

Making the decision to invest in your health isn’t always easy.  At Apex we make it easy with programs that can fit into anyone’s budget.  We encourage you to get in touch so we can help you find the right program for you.