Reaching your fitness and health goals is a personalized journey, not one that can be always accomplished following the path of others. Whether you are training to enter your first marathon, trying to lose weight or an athlete that wants to advance your performance, you need the right workout and motivation to achieve your goals. Personalized workouts with a trainer can customize your training, but there are motivating benefits to choosing personalized group training.

What is Personalized Group Training?

The concept of personalized group training is to get the benefits of a personal trainer while in a group setting. These are not group classes where everyone is doing the same routine; each person is following their individualized training program, but within a group. You get the benefits of one-on-one personalized training without paying the higher cost. Plus, there are advantages to working within a group setting, including enhanced motivation.

Why Group Training Can Help You Keep Motivated

One of the biggest hurdles in meeting fitness goals for most people is staying motivated. There is a reason that group sessions are popular and effective for fitness – they offer a support system to keep the members on track. Personalized group training gives each person the customized training program they need to achieve their goals and access to a personal trainer to monitor their progress. But instead of training on their own, they have a group of like-minded people to offer them motivation and support. Some of the motivational benefits of personalized group training include:

  • Group members help you stay accountable to your fitness plan
  • Friendly interactions to make training more enjoyable
  • Positive reinforcement from others in the group
  • Seeing other succeed or meet their goals can help keep you on track

At Apex Personal Training, we offer personalized group trainings that are budget-friendly and geared to help you meet your fitness goals. You get the benefits of a personal trainer with lower costs, and the motivational advantages of training with a group. Contact us to schedule your free initial one-on-one training session and learn more about our personal and group training options.