“Big box” is a term that refers to large corporate businesses and stores, instead of smaller, locally based establishments. I think of huge parking lots and no parking. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a “big box” store?

Do you dread the thought of having to navigate your way through a crowd to get to what you’re looking for, only to find it’s the busiest place of all and you can’t reach it? Trying to find someone to help you can seem like a lost cause because you’re just a face in the crowd. It can be a frustrating experience.

Big Box Gyms

The same frustrations came from your choice in gyms. If you’re looking for a place to workout, you’ve already set a fitness goal. When you walk into a big box gym, that’s all you have: yourself, your fitness goal, and maybe a quick tour so you can find the restroom later.

These large chain gyms are no longer the premiere spots to go to get healthy. Here are the top 3 reasons why they are in decline:

  1. CROWDS-You have your reasons for being there and I’m sure waiting to use the equipment isn’t one of them. If you’re on a timeline (and who isn’t), it can really throw your schedule off and put a funk on the rest of your day.


  1. LOOKIE-LOO’S-People are naturally curious. The big box gyms create an atmosphere where “people watching” can be obvious and uncomfortable.


  1. PROPER FORM-There are a lot of workout machines that concentrate on specialized areas of your body. It can be a challenge to figure out the proper form for each. Doing it correctly is important, not only for the quality of your workout but also for your safety. When you don’t have a trainer, you’re out there on your own.

Real Work-Outs and Real Results

The best route is to choose a smaller boutique-type gym, like Apex. They offer one-on-one training for every fitness level and goal. No circling the parking lot for a space or crowd to navigate around, and the trainers are dedicated to giving you step-by-step instructions for a safe and effective workout.

The professionals at Apex are proud to be your partner in helping you reach your fitness goals. For more information on what they can do for you, click here, or fill out their online form.